​9. Jen Cloher ft. Tim Rogers - Stone Age Brain

​It doesn't get much more radical than this. Two prominent lefties from Melbourne's underground extreme alternative music scene team up to disrespect authority and create dangerously riffy riffs. Listen to this track on the way to your first environmental protest.

Top 10 TRacks for Becoming an Environmental Extremist

​Patrick Wain - 25/9/2015

Feeling inspired by the plight of Karen, the alternative-music-lover turned environmental-extremist? Spend you're friday night grooving to these tracks and before you know it you'll wake up in a forest camp surrounded by molotov cocktails and hairy armpits.

​10. Set The Score - Deep End

​Not sure where to start on your journey from student life to violent extremism? Melbourne's prolific Pop-Punk rockers Set The

Score should be able to point you in the right direction with their recent single "Deep End". Lyrics such as "You seemed ok/But it was not that way" and "Why don't you wake up to yourself and see the bigger picture" should be handy in encouraging your fellow do-gooder friends to joint the extremist cause.

​2. Dream In Colour Kidz - Sea Devil

​D.I.C.K released an extremely anti-Tony Abbot t-shirt earlier this month. Apparently it was the final straw for Tone, who chucked a tanty after reading about the shirt and moved Mal Trunchbull to challenge the leadership. Liberal politics not really your cup of tea? Of course it isn't, you filthy alternative.

​7. James Moloney and the Mad Dog Harrisons - All My Friends

​"Seems like I don't  know you no more/Long gone after days sleeping on the floor". If there was ever a song about the feeling of loss when one of you family members has turned to radical extremism then this track, by James Moloney and the Mad Dog Harrisons, is it. The lyrics would resonate with Karen's parents.

​5. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Trap Door

​Resist the loving embrace of the Australian Government and their attempts to save you from the lure of vegetarian rioting, it's a trap! (door)


​If you live under a rock and don't really know what this list is all about, read this article about today's uproar over the "Radicalisation Kit" released by the Aus. Government, linking alternative music to terrorism.

​8. Mesa Cosa - Sydney

​So you're parents are thinking of withdrawing their financial support because you've been living in a forest camp? Crank this song up to 11 in your bedroom to let them know what you think of their bullshit. The song actually isn't even relevant but they wouldn't understand anyway.

​4. Empra - Rebecca

​Empra just dropped this song and the video clip is a blatant example of alternative louts roaming around Melbourne's most well-known extremist hangouts. Chilling at Cherry Bar? Try explaining that to your future 'mainstream environmentalist organisation' bosses.

​6. Papa G and the Starcats - Revolution

​Rumor has it that one member of Papa G and The Starcats has curls so alternative that he is regularly apprehended on Swanston St by the Australian Border Force. 

​1. Little Desert - Captive

​"I'm going back, going back, going back, back where I'm from." In the end, Karen returned to 'mainstream' lifestyle and no doubt submitted an application to receive her parent's funding again. You'll most likely do the same... alternative music is just too alternative to keep anyone on that tree-hugging-radical-extremist scene for very long. 

​3. Cosmic Psychos - Check Your Bum For Grubs

​You might want to after 6 months in a forest camp! Dirty tree-hugging alternative person.