A pre-match nap.

Just as I have done since 2008, I spent boxing day at the cricket. In the morning it was bucketing down so hard that it seemed impossible there would be a ball of play before lunchtime. We walked around the stadium a bit after breakfast and came across the MCC library. I looked for my dad's name in the amateur footy record books while my uncle, strategically, took a nap (see below).

In true Melbourne fashion, it took 15 minutes to go from torrential rain to a sunny, clear sky, and the cricket started almost on time. I watched about 420 balls then headed home for a powernap before hitting up the Tote to catch Dick Diver. It was on the train ride home that I happened across the music of Peter Joseph Head

The B-side of this record, Boxing Day, is the better side in my opinion. This will from now on be my official post-christmas anthem. Every feeling and sentiment of the best recovery/cricket day of the year is nailed in Peter's lyrics. Musically it is fun and relaxing and warming. Almost every part of it reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel's Feeling Groovy. 

The icing on the cake of this killer song is that there's a music video to go with it. It's the classic mashup of home video-clips that match the lyrics shot-for-shot, and yet it doesn't seem tacky or lacking in effort. There's not much more I can say about it except that I'm very glad I've been introduced to Peter Joseph Head - his catalogue seems to be a fresh treasure trove of music that I'm annoyed I didn't know about earlier.

Check out the video for Boxing Day below. Also, get the tracks here.

I was sent a link to Peter's new 7'' in light of our Top 50 Albums of 2015 list - which featured T:dy T:wns, a band Peter is in, in 13th spot. I've been fortunate enough since I started this website in March to have had many bands and musicians send me music to review - it has been an unintended benefit. Spoon fed music is the best music - and usually musicians that back their own work are the ones with good work to back.

This is absolutely the case with this 7''. The A-side, That's What I'd Do, begins with a sunniness reminiscent of Magical Mystery Tour, and quickly evolves into a song like one you would hear on an ABC kids show. It isn't immature music though - I think it's just folk pop music that nails the art of making simplicity sound busy. Also, I get the vibe that Peter Joseph Head knows exactly the length a song needs to be. He avoids the self-indulgence of a lengthy song, knowing that he can make good things come in small packages.

One of the reasons I say this is that while I listened to this track for the first time, I had a look around and came across Peter's Youtube channel. As the train rolled into Box Hill station I saw that he has been uploading to Youtube since 2006. That's like.... back when Today-Tonight did features on Youtube with those cringeworthy opening lines like "Believe it or not, these days the internet isn't just for online chat rooms and google-ing, it's now home to a new craze called 'video sharing', and here's how you can do it too." How far we've come. In 2006 a former police-woman came to my school to talk about cyber-safety and confidently declared "Youtube will never teach you the useful things that school can, and no one will ever make a job out of [hands go up to do the two fingers quotation marks sign] 'Video-blogging"."
 If a musician has been uploading videos to Youtube since that day that the ex-policewoman said literally everything wrong then I trust in their ability to know where and how to end a song. It comes with that kind of experience.

Single Review: Peter Joseph Head - That's What I'd Do/Boxing Day

Pat Wain - 31/12/2015