#17: August 10TH - August 16th

James Becker

​Sweet and sticky, mouth-wateringly messy, tasty, tropical tang, juicy. All these words are words that first spring to mind when asked to describe a mango. Coincidentally, they're also the first words that jump into my head when I hear about Mango Retreat’s EP launch. They're taking stage at the Workers Club this Thursday, August 14th, and it is this weeks Gig of the Week. Joined by Brunga’s Band (which is either Brunga and his band, or Brunga’s cronies who make up the band - Brunga is probably some musical composing mastermind) and Best Press, this one is set to be one damn exotic evening. It’s also worth noting that it is Best Press’ debut public music band performance on a stage. Furthermore more, the ever slurky party king himself, Morning Maxwell DJ, will be providing the tunes in-between bands.

Rumour has it that the best dancer during Mango Retreat's show will receive a complimentary mango. Problem is... it is not really mango fruiting season. Bummer. I’m sure there'll be many a vibes though, so good times will surely come to fruition… although people not yet on dole payments will be a little disappointed if theres no opportunity to win free fruit. An orange would suffice. Nevertheless, put on those dancing shoes and head down to the Workers Club. $10, Doors are at 7:30. see ya there.

Mango Retreat EP Launch

Honourable Mentions:

The New Melbourne Jangle (with certified Doorstamps amigo Oliver Jach) - WED 12th, @ The Old Bar, w/ Billy Exton, The Flying Saucer Terror 

The Dead Heir - THURS 13th, @ The Gaso, w/ White Bleaches, The Tiny Giants, Horace Bones

Co-Cheol - SUN 16th, @ The Caravan Club

#16: August 3rd - August 9th

Patrick Wain

​The ain't much to say about the gig of the week this time, except for LOOK AT THIS DAMN LINEUP:

​John Cale. Gurrumul. Ariel Pink. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Lydia Lunch. Discreet and Oblique playing the music of Brian Eno. And more....

Yeah, like, that's not even a joke. All these people will genuinely be in the same place on the same weekend, and it's not a music festival. Well, not in the normal sense. It's 3RRR's "Festival of the Ecstatic" at the Arts Centre on St Kilda RD, TONIGHT and the rest of the weekend. It would be an insult for me to write anything about it (and I'm also lazy... and just ate a huge bowl of tofu curry from Don Tojo in Carlton, so I feel an extra special urge to lie down and rub my belly for a few hours).

Here's the event page, it's the gig of a week by a long shot.

Honourable Mentions:

Andy Richards - 9/8, The Worker's Club, doors @ 1pm, w/ King Puppy and the Carnivore, Gilligan Smiles and Cosmo Thundercat

​Basically fucking everything that's happening in Melbourne tonight.

Foreign/National Single Launch, 8/8, Shebeen, w/ Sunbeam Sound Machine and Tough Uncle

gig oF THE WEEK - August 2015

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