a nice big fat fish and none of the shitty ones that your stupid brother always gets, who everyone knows is not as good of a spear-fisher as you.

SOOOOO, with the quantity of music in Melbourne comes a burden on the shoulders of those seeking quality. There's an endless stream of quality and it's a privilege to have it on your doorstep, but sometimes it's hard to find that extra special quality. The ones that stand out. 

Dream Fatigue are carefully making their way upstream while proving they're one of the young groups that have the potential to reach the upper echelons of quality band society (salmon society), and are soon-to-be standouts (fresh chunky salmon). They recently took a critical first step - releasing their debut album.

​Bassist Zeb gave me the juice on how production went down. "We got into to the studio with Pony Music in Hallam," he said, "and our engineer Damien Young ended up giving up a lot of his own time to get the mixing done...." 

It's paid off. The album carries through a 12-track catalogue of driven vocals and rippy hooks that could cater to pre-teen Myspace queens, middle-aged mosh-dogs and just about every other type of rock fan in between. It is a virtue to the band that they come from a wider spectrum of music tastes than most. 

​"Nick (Drums) has a drumming background primarily in metal,' revealed Zeb, "but he is also a huge Zappa fan. This causes tension occasionally because my idol is Don van Vliet (Captain Beefheart). Max (guitar) has always loved guitar music with the pop sensibility; Pumpkins, Nirvana, but also classic rock pop." 

Zeb Durrant's vocals are also a valuable asset to the band - it is often the shortfall of a group that their fingers can fly and their sticks can hit the buckets but the voicebox just doesn't fly at the same altitude as the rest of their abilities. Durrant sings with a commitment to forbidding this kind of shortfall ever being a factor in Dream Fatigue. He admits, "...when I'm not wishing I could be Captain Beefheart I spin some Bo Diddley, Television, Howlin Wolf... Bjork, Pantera, Refused, Phillip glass, the replacements and so on." 

Mask Elate reaches full-throttle without losing it's pace in Get Ready, while No Objective is the standout in the second half of the album, the closing track Mask Elate (The Swinging Heart) is a glimmering capstone and the seasoned talents of Damien Young (check out this guy's resume and feel inadequate) shine through even to an unseasoned listener like myself. There's no doubt it was complemented by the mastering work of Steve Smart of Studios 101, who also has an impressive catalogue of work. Dream Fatigue seem to have made all the right moves in getting their first album together.

It's an impressive listen, and definitely one of the best new records I've heard this month. Check it out in the link below. You should be able to catch Dream Fatigue around Melbourne in 2016 (they've already gigged around at all your favourite venues this year). 

Dream Fatigue




Dream Fatigue - Mask Elate

Pach Wane - 12/12/2015

I get the vibe that Melbourne's music scene was once like a nice little waterfall/swimming spot that has exponentially grown in the past 10-15 years (with the advent of Myspace, Facebook and Bandcamp) into a Niagara of fresh music flowing and gushing out all year round. So much so that it doesn't even freeze up in winter, or dry up in summer, it just keeps coming.

But, if you're the bear looking for a fresh salmon, you want one of the 3-year old ones that are matured and chunky but not yet old enough to be weak and withered and on its last hopeless run upstream. I know bears don't fish in the Niagara falls but I still wanted to use it for a metaphor since I don't know any other major waterfalls. Actually maybe Victoria falls. Ok so, you're a tribesman in the Zambezi, and you want