Unicorn Whisperer - Handy Andy Hamblin

Handy Andy is one of our newest contributors. He is an oracle in the matters of contemporary dance and diva culture in federal politics. 

Andy's Features

Supplements Program Coordinator - Mr. Jimmy Jangles

James is a studio engineer working night shifts for Disney. He rides a bicycle which generates electricity to power the Space Mountain ride at Tokyo Disneyland. He's lost 50kg doing this. 

James' Features

Hectomologist - Pat Wain

Patrick is a mechanical engineering student with no musical experience, and has never done anything journalistic or even in the field of web-design. His interests include cleaning  and driving at safe speeds. He founded Doorstamps with the aim of emulating other great successful business entrepreneurs of the 21st century - Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Anthony Koutafides etc.

Pach's Features


Doorstamps is about music.

We bring you the lowest possible standard of music journalism, in the form of interviews, gig reviews, album reviews etc. Sporadically. 

The vision of Doorstamps is to express our love of the rich music community we are privileged to have here in Melbourne, and also the worldwide music community. We're uber-mega-supersaiyan-ultra keen to add contributors to the site, so if you want to write about your favorite bands and artists, or about anything music related, hit us up!

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Travel Agent/Foreign Relations Advisor - John Son

John joined Doorstamps in November 2015 with the goal of expanding the website's global network and advising colleagues in music affairs on the international scale. He is an Environmental Sciences student and bass slapper. You've probably met him already. 

John's Features

Concert Volunteer - Mick "The English Breakfast" Scalzo

Michael is a retired Arts student, now studying Communications in his free time. The bamboo in his room is still alive after 6 months on his shelf - a national record. 

Mick's Features